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Birdie + Will Elopement

I love LOVE, y'all!!! And especially love celebrating other's on their wedding day. BUT, I especially love an elopement. There's something magical about just making your Big Day whatever you want. This is especially true for this sweet couple.

Birdie and I have been friends since college, though the seeds of our friendship were planted long before we finally met. We grew up in the same small town and drifted in and out of the same social events for years but never officially met. By the time we finally got together for a cup of coffee, it was like I was meeting a long lost sister. We instantly connected over our love for kitties, Elliott Smith, and red lipstick. We lived together for 9 short, but sweet, months after I graduated college and have remained steadfast friends over the years. No matter where life has lead us, we have always come back as though no time has passed - seamlessly coming together for girls nights with frozen pizza and endless episodes of Friends on the couch.

I got the invitation to attend Birdie's elopement on a Wednesday. Clearing my schedule to attend and photograph Birdie and Will's first moments as husband and wife was a no-brainer. Congratulations, my sweet friend. The joy I feel for this beautiful bride and her love fills me to the brim and is more than I could ever articulate through words. Cheers to an eternity of happiness - you deserve every inch of it, my sweet.


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