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Centering Black Mamas


Black birthing people are 4x as likely to die in childbirth compared to their white counterparts. Let that sink in for a moment... this statistic is absolutely inexcusable. The industrialized medical system has proven to be dangerous for BIPOC birthing people and their families. Doulas are proven to not only improve the outcomes of birth but create more aligned birth experiences for families cultivating healing and promoting educated informed consent.

Carley E. Photography and Doula Services is an inclusive space that recognizes anti-racism as the only stance against racism. Carley E. recognizes the statistical disparities in the people of color communities. She also recognizes that the dismantling of systematic racism and medical trauma is ongoing work, and she’s committed to putting in the time. She believes ALL birthing individuals should have access to culturally appropriate and quality prenatal and postnatal care in Austin and Travis County.


To offer reparations, Carley E. is happy to support BIPOC individuals at a discounted rate. Likewise, she can refer you to one of her fellow BIPOC colleagues. Below are just a handful of organizations in our community that continue to uplift and support birthing people and BIPOC birth workers:

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