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Paige Kroll Bridals

Sometimes, if you're lucky, life will bring you a new soul sister in the most unexpected of ways. Like all great loves, this sister comes into your life when you least expect it but, the second you meet her, it's like a new favorite sweater you don't ever want to take off. These loves are rare but that, my friends, is exactly how I would describe the beautiful, Paige Kroll (now, Chun!): a rare beauty, inside and out.

Paige and I first met working at the same nonprofit a couple of years ago. I didn't know it then, but Paige was actually an angel disguised as an office mate. We shared the worlds smallest office with TWO other gals (that's right, y'all - there was 4 of us in that tiny corner office) and within two short months, these babes became my life lines. All of us shared a passion for helping others and working hard and we were instantly deemed 'Girl Squad' by the rest of our office. Although we all have moved on from those roles, I am so grateful for the opportunity because I cannot imagine my life without these 3 incredible women.

About 4 months in to our friendship, Paigey said 'yes' to the love of her life and so her journey of engagement began! It was SO fun helping Paigey plan flowers and scout locations on our lunch breaks and I was thrilled when Paige asked me if I would be a part of her big day by helping with photography and then BEYOND honored when she asked if I would join her as a part of her house party on her big day last weekend (cue all the water works).

The Chun wedding last weekend was truly magical and photographing Paigey's bridals a few months ago was just a precursor to all the love I felt on Paige and Lorenzo's big day. We woke up early, drank cold brew and jammed out to Florence and the Machine, dancing around the beautiful One Eleven East - if I hadn't of known better, I would have thought it was her wedding day she was so giddy! I am so happy to finally share these beautiful portraits with all of you. Not just because Paige is one of my dearest friends, but because she radiates a joy that is infectious and unconditional - a joy that I truly feel in these portraits, and I hope you do too.

Cheers, Mrs. Chun! You're the best. I love you! #yourethechunthatiwant

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